Cyber security trends to watch in 2019

What you can expect to see in the cyber security world as we enter a new year of increasingly complex threats.

Blockchain: The missing link in the life story of your leafy greens |

With recent food recalls making headlines, could blockchain be the solution? Pilot programs are now underway to use blockchain to avoid outbreaks like E. coli.

Why Docker containers will take over the world

Docker containers offer increased efficiency, lower costs, simplified scaling and many other benefits. Learn about the top five use cases of containers and get answers to common Docker questions.

6 essential skills for React web developers

React web developers need a collection of 6 skills to bring value to their organization, including HTML + CSS, JSX, JavaScript fundamentals and ES6, Git, Node + npm, and Redux.

Blockchain voting at the ballot box

Blockchain is coming to voting, but new technology has its challenges. Here’s what blockchain looks like in elections.
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Future of computing: Quantum

What is quantum computing? How are quantum computers different from classical computers? Discover the real world application of quantum that is driving the future of technology.

4 essential skills for data analysts

Data analysts are more in demand than ever. Learn what skills it takes to rock this linchpin role and get your free Role IQ to see how you stack up.

Quiz: Does your business need blockchain?

Business leaders are wondering how to invest in blockchain. Or if they should. Find out if your business needs blockchain technology.

Developing Apache Spark applications: Scala vs. Python

Dive into Scala vs. Python with this analysis. This article compares and contrasts Scala and Python when developing Apache Spark applications.

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