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Education Revolution: How online courses are opening up education to the masses

Top Class (Print) May 2017
"Substitute snail mail with the instantaneous and unlimited reach of the Internet and the potential to engage students becomes literally limitless. That was something OpenLearning founder and chief executive officer Adam Brimo was betting on when he founded the company in 2012. Brimo and OpenLearning are now heavily involved in Malaysia's education scene because the company is a major player in the Malaysian higher education blueprint 2025."



Online trade education is a winner for SME expansion

Inside Small Business (Online) Apr 26th 2017
"The ECA’s Online Going Global program has been developed on the award-winning Open Learning platform. On this platform, participants not only get access to word-class information and skills training, they become part of an online community that shares ideas, collaborates, and together solves learning problems... The Online Going Global program has been built on the concepts of flexibility and engagement to offer busy SME owners the best chance to grow as business leaders."

UNSW turns to former student Adam Brimo for online learning technology in $100 million makeover

The Australian Financial Review (Online) Apr 2nd  2017
"An e-learning platform developed by a UNSW graduate has been chosen by the university as a key part of its $100 million dollar plan to overhaul teaching and put much of it online in the next five years. The university has signed a campus-wide agreement with OpenLearning, an online course platform whose CEO and co-founder is UNSW graduate Adam Brimo."

‘Students and varsities are ready’

The Star (Online) Mar 26th 2017
"Recognising that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will disrupt higher education – especially in terms of access, accreditation and the way students learn – the ministry applies disruptive tech advances to allow students free access to discussions, blogs, video lectures and other social media tools. “We have the first nationally-coordinated MOOC initiative in the world. Over 220,000 students from over 170 countries have participated in Malaysia’s MOOC courses. The highest enrolment is from Australia and the USA,” he shares. We’re seeing more tech in education, echoes CEO Adam Brimo."

Open Learning: Igniting the passion for learning online

Digital News Asia (Online) Mar 24th 2017
"Technology has not been a huge disruption in the education sector as it has been traditionally slow to adapt to new changes, according to OpenLearning founder and chief executive officer Adam Brimo. “Education today is probably at the stage that the print industry was in during the late 1990s, slowly accepting and experimenting with the new possibilities offered by the Internet,” he says.."

Unimas launches Massive Open Online Courses

Borneo Post (Online) Feb 21st 2017
"The launch of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s (Unimas) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) should be able to assist students from around the world interested in subjects or studies related to Sarawak. The event also included a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signing ceremony between Unimas and OpenLearning Global (M) Sdn Bhd, a leading MOOC platform provider."

Edtech accelerator backed by Navitas and universities

The Australian Financial Review (Online) Feb 19th 2017
"Five universities and education company Navitas have launched their first accelerator program for education technology start-ups with the ultimate goal of making Australia a world power in borderless education. Start-ups will get mentoring from successful Australian edtech entrepreneurs including Smart Sparrow's Dror Ben-Naim, and Open Learning's Adam Brimo and executives from other successful Australian edtech companies including Learnosity and 3P Learning..."

Universiti Tun Abdul Razak launches fully-online MBA

New Sarawak Tribune (Online) Dec 11th 2016
"Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) announced that it would deliver its popular Master in Business Administration (MBA) coursefully-online to students across Malaysia and around the world. The MBA is now open for registration and is delivered in collaboration with OpenLearning. The subjects under the MBA are designed to help ensure that current working professionals can enhance their skills with the latest industry knowledge that fits their current career."

OpenLearning seeks $10m for 'learn free, pay to certify' vocational education. 

The Australian Financial Review (Online) Nov 2nd 2016
"Investors might be expected to avoid the vocational education sector after the disaster of the VET-FEE HELP scheme, however an entrepreneur seeking $10 million says his business model can restore confidence. Adam Brimo's OpenLearning has provided a platform for hosting "massive open online courses" (or MOOCs) since 2012. But in October it moved into the delivery of the courses themselves wth, a partnership with Hunter TAFE in NSW's Hunter Valley...”



OpenLearning partners with TAFE NSW to disrupt VET business model

Campus Review (Online) Oct 24th 2016
"Adam Brimo is the CEO of OpenLearning, an online start-up that uses a study for free, pay to be certified business model. OpenLearning recently signed a partnership with TAFE NSW’s Hunter institute to launch a new VET platform called”


Sydney edutech OpenLearning launches ‘pay for certification’ platform Learn with Hunter TAFE

Startup Daily (Online) Oct 21st 2016
"Sydney edutech startup OpenLearning has launched a pilot of, a new online education platform created in collaboration with Hunter TAFE. Dubbed ‘free to learn, pay to certify’, it will be free for students to take courses through the platform; they are then given the choice to pay if they want to receive a nationally recognised qualification. The platform aims to increase access to vocational education and training and improve affordability...”

Pay when you graduate: the education model that may work for students

The Sydney Morning Herald (Online & Print) Oct 20th 2016
"Brimo's company, OpenLearning, which he founded straight out of his software engineering degree at UNSW, has partnered with Hunter TAFE to offer three Certificate IV qualifications in business through the website under the free to learn, pay to certify model. Brimo argues the model guarantees quality learning, "because unless students enjoy it and get something out of it they're not going to complete the course and get certified [and pay]. That's actually quite important because it does align everyone. ”

OpenLearning Underpins Malaysian Universities Push into Online Learning

The Australian Financial Review (Online) Oct 2nd 2016
"Australian start-up OpenLearning is the backbone for the Malaysian higher education system's ambitious push into online courses with its platform being used to teach nearly 200,000 students in public universities. OpenLearning's partnership with Malaysian universities started only two years ago when its platform was selected by the Malaysian government to help make 30 per cent of higher education courses available as massive open online courses (or MOOCs) by 2020.”

University of the Future (Part 2)

The Star (Online) Jan 28th 2016
"There are two points to be made. The first point: As said by Dr Rujhan, “In the university of the future, education is available anytime, accessible anywhere, and by anyone.” Adam Brimo added, “Online learning will enable more people to access education as we are not restricted by physical infrastructure. The physical infrastructure will be used for students to come together and to develop soft skills, interaction, and team work. Both are important, both are complementary.”



Education for everyone

New Strait Times (Online) Jan 26th 2016
"ONLINE education via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the country has continued to grow within the past year, due to the efforts of the Higher Education Ministry in enhancing quality and accessibility, and making tertiary education affordable. It promotes student autonomy and fosters a community which engages and motivates each other, which is critical to better outcomes."



Malaysia to become first country to develop credit recognition policy for online courses

New Strait Times (Online) Jan 19th 2016
"Malaysia will soon be the first country in the world to develop a national policy on credit recognition for the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platform. MOOCs is a web-based learning and teaching method which is effective for public universities as students can access the subjects anywhere and anytime through the website."

CommBank and UNSW invest in cyber security education

PCWorld (Online) Dec 8th 2015
"The Commonwealth Bank and the University of New South Wales have announced a $1.6m, five-year partnership to develop a centre of expertise for cyber security education aimed at boosting the nation’s reserve of quality security engineering professionals... Anyone interested in learning cyber security can join the online courses at:"




Commonwealth Bank and UNSW partner for security training

Computer World (Online) Dec 8th 2015
"The Commonwealth Bank and the University of New South Wales will develop a centre of expertise for information security, the two organisations announced today.The $1.6 million, five-year partnership will include developing an applied cyber security undergraduate curriculum, the establishment of a security engineering lab, and support for PhD researchers. The first ‘SEC.EDU’ course will be available online through, starting in Semester 1 2016."



School’s in for summer as PM&C launches red tape MOOC

The Mandarin (Online) Dec 8th 2015
"The launch of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s first massive, open, online course (MOOC) has been expected since June when the course provider, OpenLearning, excitedly announced it had won the contract. The course, entitled How good policy is made: The Australian Government guide to regulation with rigour, is now live."

OpenLearning delivering first government MOOC

ITWire (Online) Jun 5th 2015
"Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider OpenLearning has been contracted by the federal government to deliver Australia’s first national government MOOC. Under the contract, OpenLearning has been commissioned by the Office of Best Practice Regulation in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to deliver a Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) MOOC that will train thousands of public servants and members of the public over the next four years."



OpenLearning to deliver first Australian Govt MOOC

Technology Decisions (Online) Jun 9th 2015
"OpenLearning has been awarded a contract to deliver Australia’s first federal government massive open online course (MOOC)...The initiative will enable the government to roll out the training program on a large scale while increasing transparency on government decision-making for the public, community organisations and stakeholders."


OpenLearning inks deal with Australian government to bring MOOC to public servants

Startup Smart (Online) Jun 5th 2015
"The Office of Best Practice Regulation in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has commissioned OpenLearning to deliver a Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) MOOC that will train thousands of public servants over the next four years. It follows OpenLearning signing an agreement with the Malaysian government to deliver 15% of the countries public university courses online. It’s all part of OpenLearning’s ambitious plan to offer MOOCs as a viable way for organisations, more than just universities, to deliver training to thousands of people."


OpenLearning secures major contract with the Federal Government to deliver its first MOOC

Startup Daily (Online) Jun 5th 2015
"Today, Australian startup OpenLearning announced that it has officially been awarded a tender by the Office of Best Practice Regulation in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to deliver Australia’s first Federal Government Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)"



Canberra gets its first MOOC

Herald Sun (Online) Jun 4th 2015
"The Office of Best Practice Regulation in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has commissioned OpenLearning to deliver the course to train thousands of public servants and members of the public over the next four years. The office said RIA is an objective process that involves problem solving, cost benefit analysis and public consultation that policy officers must undertake before proposing new regulations."

OpenLearning secures tender contract with federal government

ZDNet (Online) Jun 4th 2015
"As part of winning a tender, OpenLearning will deliver the federal government a massive open online course (MOOC) platform, which will be used to replace in-person training for large scale, ongoing projects. OpenLearning CEO and co-founder Adam Brimo said having the chance to be able to launch the first Australian government MOOC is proof of the organisation's position in collaborative learning."


OpenLearning secures federal government MOOC contract

Australian Financial Review (Online) Jun 4th 2015
"The federal government has selected a Sydney startup to provide the first Department of Prime Minister's first massive open online learning course, known as a MOOC. Online education startup OpenLearning was commissioned by the department's Office of Best Practice Regulation to deliver a regulatory impact analysis MOOC for the next four years."


OpenLearning targets 1M users and US$10M Series A in 2015

e27 (Online) April 6th 2015
"The Australia-based Co-founder sees huge potential in Southeast Asia’s 600-million-strong market — but at the same time is building inroads in China...The ed-tech startup’s Co-founder Adam Brimo was in Singapore last week and spoke to e27 about his beliefs, the journey so far, and where it’s all headed from here — including plans for a US$10 million Series A."



Australian MOOC provider OpenLearning offers universities free access

Australian Financial Review (Online) Feb 23rd 2015
"In a bid to expand its presence in Australian universities, massive open online course (MOOC) provider OpenLearning is offering academics free access to its platform to deliver university courses. OpenLearning chief executive Adam Brimo said the Australian-developed platform offered students far better online social interaction than the traditional systems used by universities."



From consumer activist to ‘techpreneur’, Adam Brimo is changing the way students around the world learn.

UNSW Engineering eMagazine (Online) Feb 13th 2015
"In the five short years since graduating from UNSW, Adam has become a prominent activist and the co-founder of an online education platform – OpenLearning – valued at $7.7 million...Recalling his own positive experiences of learning through group activities and student interaction at UNSW, he sought to change the way higher education was studied around the world."

OpenLearning attracts investors

ITWire (Online) Feb 5th 2015
"Online course platform provider OpenLearning has picked up $1.7 million in new funding, mostly from the former managing director of Netscape Australia...OpenLearning is already the official MOOC (massive open online course) provider for all Malaysian public higher education institutions, and the company's current focus is on Australia, Malaysia and China."

Tech entrepreneur Clive Mayhew pumps $1 million into OpenLearning, as the MOOC provider raises $1.7 million

Startup Smart (Online) Feb 5th 2015
"Massive open online course provider OpenLearning has raised $1.7 million that will be used to help meet its goal of increasing the number of students using its platform from 125,000 to a million by the end of the year.Roughly 50% of OpenLearning’s users come from Malaysia, while the majority of its other users are in Australia, the United States and China. The startup plans to use the capital raise to more than double the size of its Australian-based engineering team and grow its instructional design team."

Angel investor Clive Mayhew leads $1.7m round in OpenLearning

BRW (Online) Feb 5th 2015
"Former muru-D participant OpenLearning has secured $1.7 million in funding with the aim of growing its users from 125,000 to a million globally by next year...“We’re quite excited to get to this point but funding alone is not a marker of success, it’s about giving us the opportunity to build a better product and find more people around the world who want to use it and who can get value out of it,” Brimo says."

Australian e-learning startup raises AU$1.7m for Asia growth

ZDNet (Online) Feb 4th 2015
"Australian online education startup OpenLearning has secured AU$1.7 million in funding, with the company set to leverage the cash injection to ramp up its engineering team and back its expansion into the Asian market...OpenLearning, which was one of the nine technology startups included in the "first class" of Telstra's muru-D accelerator last year, describes itself as a massive open online course (MOOC) provider, offering educational courses aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the internet."


Muru-D graduate OpenLearning has just landed another $1.7 million in funding

Business Insider (Online) Feb 4th 2015
"Online education platform has landed an additional $1.7 million in funding to expand its offering into Asia. Leading the round, entrepreneur Clive Mayhew has invested $1 million into the company and will take on the role of non-executive director and Chairman...The company which was started in Telstra’s startup accelerator muru-D has secured a total of $2.1 million in funding to date."

OpenLearning secures $1.7 million investment

Australian Financial Review (Online) Feb 4th 2015
"Technology entrepreneur Clive Mayhew has made his first tech investment since selling Sky Software last year, investing $1 million in Sydney start-up OpenLearning. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider secured a total of $1.7 million in an angel investment round...Mr Mayhew said he invested in OpenLearning because he was confident in the start-up’s management."

This teacher earned $50k in two months

Sydney Morning Herald (Online) Jan 22nd 2015
"Wailes says UNSW has partnered with a MOOC provider. "We think that there are lots of companies, particularly ed-tech start-ups that are doing some really interesting things that we can learn a lot from...For example we recently partnered with a MOOC provider to run one of our courses on their platform because we were really interested in how they used social tools like chat and gamification to make online learning more engaging and build stronger peer-to-peer learning."

Australian education startup OpenLearning strikes a big deal with the Malaysian government on MOOCs

Startup Smart (Online) Sep 25th 2014
"Australian startup OpenLearning has secured a deal with the Malaysian government to deliver 15% of the country’s public university courses as massive open online courses (MOOCs). Under the government’s plan, Malaysian public universities will develop MOOCs on core modules and students from across those 20 universities will participate in those courses through OpenLearning’s social learning platform."



NSW start up OpenLearning takes Malaysian unis online

Australian Financial Review (Online) Sep 22nd 2014
"An e-learning platform created by Sydney start-up company OpenLearning has been selected by the Malaysian ­government for an ambitious expansion of online learning...Malaysia’s Second Minister of Education, Idris bin Jusoh, last week launched a program to have 15 per cent of the country’s public university courses available as MOOCs (or massive open online courses) by next year."



Govt hopes for more online varsity courses

The Sun Daily (Malaysia) (Online) Sep 18th 2014
"The government hopes to have at least 15% of the courses offered in all public and some privates universities taught online by next year as part of the country's vision to be a developed nation by 2020...The programme was developed in collaboration with Australia's and four local universities. It uses the "flipped classroom" method, where students are able to learn in two-way communication using texts, audio and video."


Why students’ full learning potential isn’t maximised in higher education (and what we’re doing about it) 

Open Forum (Online) Aug 13th 2014
"Students learn best when they actively construct their own knowledge and understanding. Adam Brimo explains how the learning platform OpenLearning aims to change the current model of higher education and align it with how students really learn..."

Real-life business experience over the internet

Australian Financial Review (Online) Aug 11th 2014
"The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) has linked with two Sydney start-up firms to improve the online delivery of its master of ­business and technology degree by­ ­adding up-to-date networking features...Professor Wailes said Open ­Learning’s MOOC platform, developed by former UNSW student Adam Brimo and UNSW computing professor ­Richard Buckland, allowed communication and collaboration between ­students at a level not found elsewhere."

Learning without borders

The Star (Malaysia) (Print) May 30 2014
"Taylor’s University recently launched a MOOC on the OpenLearning platform which aims to not only equip students from the university but also students from the rest of the world to build and fund their own companies. The 15-week course, Global Entrepreneurship, is a collaborative course between Taylor’s University, the Education Ministry, OpenLearning and Australian crowd-funding platform Pozible."

Pozible Smashing China Debut Underlines Asia Push
Australian Anthill (Online) Apr 29 2014
In Malaysia, Pozible is partnering with OpenLearning Massive Open Online Course in Global Entrepreneurship, run out of Taylors University. Pozible expects this partnership to see more than a thousand entrepreneurs from across the globe running their own crowdfunding campaigns.

Social Media, Instant Messaging and Gamification: how OpenLearning has engaged students in the virtual age
VibeWire (Online) Apr 18 2014
"Having used... outdated platforms during his computer science degree at the University of New South Wales, Adam along with his lecturer Professor Richard Buckland noticed that the existing online education platforms focused solely on content delivery, ignoring the need for students to interact with each other."

15 week MOOC for Global Entrepreneurship Training Launches
StartupSmart (Online) Apr 8 2014
Taylors University has launched a 15-week massive open online course (MOOC) to equip students to buyild and fund their own companies... OpenLearning cofouder Adam Brimo told StartupSmart they were excited the course captured the opportunities of MOOCs as well as the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

EdSpark: A Spotlight on EdTech in Australia and Abroad
Optus-Innov8 Seed (Online) Mar 3 2014 
Our aim was to spark conversation and provide a forum to share learnings and insights from leaders in the EdTech space, and also provide a platform for some of Australia’s up and coming EdTech startups to present their wares via a pitchfest. The winning team was Open Learning, who will have two team members flown to Singapore to attend Echelon 2014, which is Asia’s largest startup conference."
Open Learning selected for Telstra backed Muru-D Program
Telstra Media Release (Online) Feb 3 2014 by Ingrid Just
"muru-D has announced the 10 successful teams set to enter its start-up accelerator program, powered by Telstra. muru-D is a unique opportunity for the cream of Australian innovative start-ups to learn from the best – receiving ongoing business support, mentoring and coaching to bring their ideas to life in addition to an investment."
OpenLearning impresses in education tech pitching competition
Startupsmart (Online) Dec 17 2013 by Rose Powell
Online classroom platform OpenLearning was selected winner by both the judges and crowd at last week’s education technology start-up pitching competition co-hosted by SydEduTech meetup and the Optus-Innov8 Seed accelerator and investment program... SydEduTech meetup coordinator Atul Pandey told StartupSmart OpenLearning was the stand-out start-up of the night."


OpenLearning eyes corporate training
Financial Review (Online) 9 Dec 2013 by Tim Dodd
"OpenLearning chief executive Adam Brimo said the software platform could now offer organisations a branded e-learning portal and also record the progress of an individual student through a number of courses."
Shining a light on innovation
Uniken (Online) Dec 2013 by
Myles Gough
"The Open Learning platform differs from other online courses by encouraging student participation and learning through games. It also incorporates a social element where students can ask questions, self-regulate discussions and work together to build study notes."
OpenLearning launches new features to let anyone create a MOOC
Class Central (Online) 15 Oct 2013
OpenLearning is a MOOC provider that launched in 2012, and has offered several MOOCs to the public. They have now made a major revision to their platform which offers an easier way for anyone to create and teach a full-featured MOOC."
How to be a 'techpreneur'
The Sun-Herald (Print, Online) 13 Oct 2013 by Simon Webster
"[Adam Brimo] co-founded Open Learning, an online platform that allows universities, businesses and individuals to deliver courses in a way that encourages engagement, sharing and collaboration."


Straight Up Startup…Featuring Adam Brimo, CEO And Co-Founder Of OpenLearning
Rackspace (Online) 19 Sep 2013 by John McKenna
The Rackspace Startup Program thanks our favorite UNSW Lion, Adam Brimo, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to enlighten us on how finding and servicing your customers from the very beginning is vitally important to a startup.


Free online courses to get ahead in business
Financial Review (Online) 18 Sep 2013 by Tim Dodd
The advent of free online education has led to a rich choice of courses becoming available for people looking for professional qualifications. 
Services marketing: Selling the invisible: Presented by instructor ­Betina Crooks on the Open Learning MOOC platform created by UNSW IT professor Richard Buckland and his former student Adam Brimo.


OpenLearning selected for the Tech23 Conference in Sydney
Tech23 (Online) 16 Sep 2013

Tech23 celebrates innovation through an exciting collision of great minds, great ideas, and great purpose. Tech23 is dedicated to offering entrepreneurs opportunities. Exposure is a given, but what Tech23 also offers is direct contact to the investors, successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and key government and industry experts that result in tangible business opportunities.


Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2013
LifeHacker (Online) 28 Aug 2013 by Alan Henry
LifeHacker recommended the OpenLearning course, Taylor's University - Success - Achieve Success with Emotional Intelligence by Professors Mushtak Al-Atabi and Jennifer DeBoer as part of their LifeHacker University


Startup OpenLearning disrupts the education industry
Shoe String (Online) 13 Aug 2013 by 
Tasnuva Bindi

Forget blackboards and chalks. Forget long, theory-heavy lectures at 8am in the morning. Forget the online platforms that failed to make learning a more enjoyable experience. OpenLearning is set to excite students and teachers around the world who have long suffered the inadequacies of outdated educational tools.


Innovator wins national teaching award
UNSW Media Office (Online) 12 Aug 2013 by 
Myles Gough

"We want our students to be able to actually think like scientists, and not just be able to recite the periodic table." Buckland is also the co-founder of Open Learning – Australia's first provider of Massive Open Online Courses, which he launched in October 2012 with former UNSW student Adam Brimo.


OpenLearning Named 'Runner Up' in Rackspace Startup Competition
Shoe String (Online) 7 Aug 2013 by 
Tasnuva Bindi

In front of the star-studded guest panel and an audience 150-strong, each of the 10 finalists delivered a five-minute pitch to persuade Rackspace’s Startup Liaison Officer, Robert Scoble, who flew in from San Francisco’s Silicon Valley to attend the event, and his fellow judges that their business has the greatest potential for disrupting an industry.


2013 NSW ICT Educator of the Year iAward
ComputerWorld (Online) 14 Jun 2013 by 
Hamish Barwick
Richard Buckland has received the 2013 iAward in NSW for ICT Educator of the Year. The national iAwards are aimed at recognising the contributions that ICT makes and the impact which the application of technologies has on both the Australian and global economy. 
OpenLearning Platform (NSW) - 2013 Anthill SMART 100
Anthill Magazine (Online) 10 Jun 2013 SMART 100
OpenLearning has been ranked as the 2nd most innovative startup in Australia out of hundreds by Anthill Magazine on their annual SMART 100 ranking. The SMART 100 Index was created by leading business media channel Anthill Magazine in 2008 to identify and rank Australia's 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the largest surveys of its kind in Australia.
Stellar NSW Line up for CeBIT Australia 2013
NSW Government (Print/Online) 27 May 2013 Media Release
"The NSW Trade & Investment stand in Hall 3 of the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour will host 15 of the State’s most innovative technology companies showcasing their solutions. The calibre and quality of NSW companies and solutions on show at this year's CeBIT Australia show why our State is increasingly being recognised around the world as Australia’s innovation powerhouse.

SV Entrepreneurs Announces Pitch and Demo Day Winners
PRWEB (Online) May 24 2013 by SV Entrepreneur
"Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Startups (also known as SV Entrepreneurs), the largest forum that gives stage to entrepreneurs and startups to present their innovative products and services, today announced that... 3rd Place was taken by OpenLearning

20 Ways to Enjoy Free Online Learning and Classes: MOOCs and More
Huffington Post College (Online) Apr 4 2013 by Scott Steinberg
"This global platform seeks to combine the social elements of Facebook with the user-generated contributions of Wikipedia to create a unique community and gathering where online learning solutions, including MOOCs, can thrive."
Online Learning on Entrepreneurship Changes Malaysia’s Education Landscape
Taylor's University (Online) Apr 1 2013
Open Learning removes the barriers to a lifelong and quality education by offering continuous enrolment, flexible scheduling and sometimes minimal admission requirements which allowed an individual study at their own pace."
Learning to build a business through an expanding skill set
The Sun-Herald (Print) Dec 23 2012 by Keeli Cambourne
"[Adam] Brimo and his business partner, associate professor Richard Buckland from the University of NSW, founded to develop online learning platforms designed to deliver more engaging courses online."
Free online class attracts 2300
Australian Financial Review (Print) Nov 6 2012 by Tim Dodd
"The course is the first major test of Open Learning’s upgraded online learning software, which integrates social networking to create an online community."
Unis spur MOOC "feeding frenzy"
ITWire (Online) Nov 5 2012 by Beverley Head
"Steered by Adam Brimo, co-founder of Open Learning and UNSW associate professor Richard Buckland... Computing I runs for 12 weeks and essentially comprises about half of the material in the UNSW on-campus computing course."
Massive open online courses (MOOCs) go international
Open Culture (Online) Nov 5 2012 by Dan Colman
"The first major providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) got their start in Silicon Valley... Now we’re seeing them sprout up outside of the United States. Take for example"
OpenLearning launches into competitive MOOCs market
The Conversation (Online) Oct 15 2012 by Charis Palmer
"The Australian company will be emulating Facebook and YouTube and taking on Coursera and Blackboard with a platform that allows students to earn points by “liking” or voting down discussion posts and get feedback..."
Brave new free online course for UNSW
Australian Financial Review (Print & Online) Oct 15 2012 by Tim Dodd
"...UNSW introductory computing course will be made available from Monday, putting UNSW ahead of the universities of Melbourne, Western Australia and Queensland, whose MOOC programs are under preparation."
Free Online Computing Science Course
Life Hacker (Online) Oct 15 2012 by Angus Kidman
"Here's a nifty addition to our Lifehacker U roundup on online training courses: the University of New South Wales is offering its introductory computing science course online for free."
UNSW offers free online Computing 1 class
The Register (Online) Oct 14 2012 by Simon Sharwood
"The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has jumped on the international bandwagon of Universities giving their courses away for free, with a 12-week Computing 1 course starting today."
Online uni sows seeds of a golden age for education
Sydney Morning Herald (Print) Oct 13 2012 by Catherine Armitage
"Richard Buckland, who has more than 1.5 million views of his University of NSW computer science courses, likens it [online learning] to a tsunami: we have felt the earthquake but the wave is yet to come."
Sydney start-up OpenLearning to go up against Coursera
Startupsmart (Online) Sept 28 2012 by Michelle Hammond
"Sydney start-up OpenLearning will go up against online education heavyweight Coursera as it prepares to launch a range of free and paid courses, but with a much greater focus on student collaboration."
The business of educating others
Sydney Morning Herald (Online) Sept 27 2012 by Valerie Khoo
"...The service allows people from all over the world to teach courses online. Brimo hopes that those who have a passion for their particular area of expertise will be keen to share their knowledge."
More free online courses for entrepreneurs
BRW. (Online) Sept 24 2012 by Ben Woodhead
"Locally, OpenLearning and the University of NSW have also been working on trials ahead of the imminent launch of some free online courses, including one targeted at business owners..."
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