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Stacia Misner Varga

Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Pluralsight Author

“Delivering courses through Pluralsight has allowed me to reach thousands of students and influence their careers in a positive way. It’s quite rewarding to get messages from students that tell me how my content helped them not only advance their understanding of a topic but also advance their career.” Read more


Kesha Williams

Award-Winning Software Engineer, TED Speaker & Pluralsight Author

“Being a Pluralsight author allows me to give back to the tech community by helping others along their journey. Teaching also causes me to have a deeper understanding of a topic so that I can explain it in simple terms. Partnering with Pluralsight is a win-win for everyone involved.” Read more


David Liu

Salesforce MVP and Pluralsight Author

“Partnering with Pluralsight was a no brainer for me. This is where people will find the best resources, period. Don’t get left behind.”


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